High - end Mobile Solution for
Handling Deviations and Claims in Modern Enterprises

We’re transforming the way companies and partners communicate with each other to improve efficiency and quality.

We provide high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for the logistics and retail business.

Our products & services

For efficient business applications, our all-around mobile platform enables scanning of barcodes, containers, and pallets, reports deviation, objects recognition in warehouses, and provides real-time insights through temperature monitoring and checks.

We are determined to give you a useful experience that is aimed at reducing operating costs, increasing staff satisfaction, and increasing customer engagement.

Also, our high-speed scanning is precise and fast, with the unrivaled ability to scan in poor lighting, with labels that are damaged, and at any angle.

During the design and deployment processes, we have specialized technical solution and best practice assistance, as well as a variety of support and analytics options during live operation to give you the satisfaction your desire.

Team members

Company management

Trond Engebretsen


Christian Svendsen


Oliwia Zielińska

CEO/UI-UX Desiger

Sales management

André Pedersen

Sales Executive

Runar Wathne

Sales Manager, Food Safety

Harald Martin Thiis-Evensen

Sales & Marketing Manager

Project management and support

Stian Brudal

Senior IT-Architect

Åse Karin Hansen

Project Manager

Atle Norum Larsen

Senior consultant

Øystein Sæther

Senior Developer

Development team

Michał Bethke

Senior Developer

Malwina Derengowska

Junior Graphic Designer

Marcin Flasza

Senior Data Architect

Tomasz Jurkiewicz

Senior Developer

Marcin Kiniorski

Senior Developer

Krzysztof Kominiak

Senior Developer

Krzysztof Ostrowski

Senior Developer

Michał Telus

Senior Developer

Bartosz Turowski

Senior Developer

Mateusz Warczak

Senior Developer

Rafał Zieliński

Senior Developer

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