Who we are, and why do we have customers?

Our vision is to deliver the best continuous improvement system and quality system for large logistic companies. Agrippa knows how large warehouses are operated and how our services can help. We have solid experience with implementing software in large logistics organizations.

Software made for and together with logistic companies

Our software & services

Our efficient business applications and mobile platform enables integration with your WMS, ERP and TMS. These speeds up registration of any deviation and how it is processed in your organization. 
In our design and development process we have come up with a good method to secure outstanding usability and quality. We use several analysis and development technologies to get the best results. This makes our solution work as it should, and our customers are happy.

We are determined to give you good tools to reduce operating costs, increase staff satisfaction, and improve customer’s experience.

Team members

Company management

Christian Svendsen

General Manager

Oliwia Zielińska

Country Manager/UI-UX Designer

Sales management

Harald Martin Thiis-Evensen

Sales & Marketing Manager

André Pedersen

Sales Executive

Project management and support

Stian Brudal

Senior IT-Architect

Åse Karin Hansen

Project Manager

Atle Norum Larsen

Senior consultant

Øystein Sæther

Senior Developer

Runar Wathne

Senior consultant

Development team

Michał Bethke

Senior Developer

Maciej Dudziak

Senior Developer

Marcin Flasza

Senior Data Architect

Tomasz Jurkiewicz

Senior Developer

Marcin Kiniorski

Senior Developer

Krzysztof Ostrowski

Senior Developer

Eryka Probierz

QA Engineer

Denis Wasilew

Senior Developer

Mateusz Warczak

Senior Developer

Michał Telus

Senior Developer

Bartosz Turowski

Senior Developer

Rafał Zieliński

Senior Developer

We are here to provide you with a feature-rich, effective, and solid quality system.