Order fulfilment

IMI WMS optimizes your pick and pack process for an efficient fulfillment cycle that involves selecting the right products from the inventory, packing them appropriately, and preparing them for shipping to customers. Some of the key features of pick and pack in IMI WMS include: 

Order picking

Select the right products from the inventory based on customer orders or demand. Order picking can be done manually or by using automated systems such as picking robots or manually assisted technology such as barcode scanners, voice recognition or pick-to-light systems.

Product sorting

Organize the selected products according to customer orders, destination, or other criteria. Sorting helps to reduce errors and improve efficiency, and can be performed during picking or in the packing process.


Select the appropriate packaging materials and methods based on the nature, quantity, size, and weight of the products being shipped and customer-specific requirements. 


Apply labels to the packages with information such as product description, SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) number, quantity, and shipping address. Accurate labeling helps to ensure that the right products are delivered to the right customers.


Prepare the packages for shipment. This includes arranging for transportation, carrier integration, generating shipping labels and documents, and tracking the packages until they are delivered to customers.

Value added services

IMI WMS enables you to handle kitting and light assembly orders. The flexibility to handle tailored assembly-to-order or assembly-to stock is an important aspect of many manufacturing and supply chain operations, as they help to streamline production and reduce waste and errors.  

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