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Solutions for efficient claims and compliance management in logistic chains.

Agrippa Improvements is an in-demand quality system for large logistic chains. Our software is an excellent tool for continuous improvement management. It provides an easy, automated system to operate your warehouse safely and efficiently. Our solution can integrate with any OMS and WMS system to secure data quality and easy handling.  

Functional principle

Better results with Agrippa Improvements

Why choose Agrippa Improvements

Fast and precise registration of deviations

Manual registration of deviations is a time-consuming process. In our experience, the manual registration of deviations normally takes about 20 to 30 minutes. Manual registration also involves a risk of registering incorrect information.

With Agrippa Improvements, our customers spend only 15-30 seconds per deviation. This saves them both time and resources. Good integration with WMS and other systems ensures high-quality data. Automatic deviation registration is fast and ensures good data quality.

More deviations registered

When deviations are easier to register, more deviations will be registered. Each deviation is linked to an activity and a responsible person or project group. This results in more effective operations, a better overview and fewer deviations.

Reduced claim processing time

Processing a claim can be time-consuming. It involves collecting documentation, quality assurance and updating the case. This can take time, often several days.  

With Agrippa Improvements, case processing is done in a matter of minutes. The deviation is entered into a log, with the right person, or with a group, and the case is updated. In just a few keystrokes, the supplier receives good documentation on what the claim entails. 

Supplier follow-up

One of the main reasons our customers use Agrippa Improvements is to eliminate deviations from suppliers. A production line in a warehouse is created to ensure the delivery of goods as per agreement. All deviations cost money. Production comes to a halt and employees must spend time rectifying errors rather than contributing to efficient production. A supplier’s claim for NOK 500 to 1000 in compensation for having to repack a pallet is more of a symbolic price. The costs are significantly higher and will impact the quality of deliveries to their customers.

Our customers have told us that Agrippa Improvements software has become a business-critical system. Today, they use reports from Agrippa Improvements when negotiating with their suppliers to improve quality and reduce costs. Since they now register all deviations, not only the major one which was the case before Agrippa, they have a complete overview of the supplier’s delivery quality.

Suppliers without deviations

One method we can use for assessing costs is to determine what the cost level would be if suppliers always delivered as agreed. This is a somewhat unrealistic situation, however, the method does indicate the resources your organisation must use when your supplier fails to do its job. Agrippa Improvements cannot eliminate all deviations, although it can bring you closer to the goal of 0% supplier deviations. 

Gather all checklists, QC, HSE and deviations in one system

Our customers now use one system. Agrippa improvements is now the one system for quality control, HSE checklists and deviation registration. Naturally, this reduces costs and makes things easier for employees. 

Get Control!

It allows you to adopt a proactive business approach by setting customized triggers against any possible non-compliance issues.

User-friendly Interface

It's user-friendly interface makes deviation handling easy and to follow up.

Editable Categories

Its easy to create and edit any kind of groups and assign tasks.

Experience fast, easy and automated issue management - join Agrippa Improvements.