IMIs intralogistics features optimize the flow of goods and materials within a facility or organization. Our software monitors and analyses production to support a more efficient flow of goods and order handling.

Various features and processes:

Tracking and traceability

Our software provides robust tracking capabilities for goods within our facility or organization. This involves the use of technologies such as barcoding, RFID and GPS. By tracking the movement of goods you can optimize your warehouse operations and provide real-time visibility into inventory levels and order fulfillment. Our software enables you to track the shipping and delivery of goods, providing visibility into the status of shipments and enabling organizations to manage customer expectations.

Efficient and high-quality inventory audit

With IMI WMS you can do an inventory audit by phone, terminal and PC in realtime.  

It is crucial that integrated systems, such as order systems, receive real-time data. Your organizations improve inventory accuracy, reduce the need for large-scale physical inventory audits, and maintain the integrity of inventory data with IMI’s software.  

Resource optimization

IMI WMS will always keep track of time dependencies to ensure that tasks are prioritized and executed in the right order, and by the right user and equipment. 

Deviation and claims handling

IMI‘s deviation and claims handling can be done in the same process as the inventory audit. This increases the efficiency of the job and the data quality. 

Quality control

IMIs improvements software provides you with monitoring and inspection of goods to ensure that they meet quality standards and specifications. Register goods information, take a picture and save it – the task will be sent to the right case manager.


Our software supports integration to automation systems to further streamline and optimize the intra-logistics operations to complement or replace manual processes. 

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