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Let Agrippa manage your IoT data

Combine your IoT data with manually collected data to increase data quality, business reports and analysis. 

Functional principle

Agrippa IoT 

Agrippa IoT collects and presents data from sensors to monitor your operations. The most common sensors are temperature and humidity sensors. Data from these sensors are presented with customized reports. If the sensor value exceeds predefined values, you will receive a notification. 

Always accessible where you are

Agrippa´s software is in the cloud with Microsoft Azure. Agrippa Improvements is always accessible where you are.

Automatic registrations

Automate Temperature & humidity registrations to minimize the workload.


It enables you to efficiently handle deviations from anywhere & at any time.

Reliable and clear

Reliable and clear control of sensors from anywhere & anytime with your mobile.


With Agrippa´s reliable sensors, daily manually check routines are no longer needed. All data is saved in the cloud and reports are made, if a problem occurs, you will be notified. 

Senor Graphic

Functional principle

Agrippa specially designed sensors have the ability to control the following data:

System advantages


Define a project group who will be notified at predefined conditions.


Authorize users to different roles and let them see
only what they need to see.

Customize Agrippa to your organization

Agrippa Improvements provides an easy, user-friendly, automated continuous improvement management
system. Our advanced issue and improvements management system helps our clients to save their precious
time and improve their operations.