Efficient system for continuous improvement work

To increase productivity and quality in your organization, it is important to have an efficient system for continuous improvement work. At all levels, there are small details that contribute to the whole, but to capture deviations and address them, there is a need for a system that takes care of the entire process.
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A good deviation system should be easy to use for all employees, including those without a fixed office space. At the same time, it is important that as much data as possible is reported to provide good decision support.

Agrippa Improve is a tool developed in close collaboration with users in large logistics companies, addressing user requirements from all levels in the organization.

Our Improve app makes it easy to register deviations with your mobile phone. A registration typically takes 15-20 seconds. At that point, our system has retrieved all relevant information from WMS and ERP along with documentation such as images, videos, and text that the case handler needs.

Deviations are efficiently handled in Agrippa Improve:

  • Automatic assignment to the right case handler
  • Configurable and flexible workspaces on mobile and web
  • Direct dialogue with the person who registered the deviation
  • Reports in the dashboard, Excel, or data warehouse tools
  • Role and rights management for relevant functions 

Agrippa Improvements is a sought-after quality system for large logistics chains. It provides you with good and automated routines to operate your logistics chain efficiently and securely. Our system can be integrated with your ERP and WMS systems to ensure data quality and easy registration and processing.

Agrippa’s cloud service gives all our customers continuous access to new features. The solution is designed to scale and adapt quickly to meet new needs. Wherever you work, you have access – always up-to-date.