ASKO is made more efficient by Agrippa Improvements

Agrippa Improvements has been used during large parts of the construction project for Asko’s central warehouse and cold storage facility, and has been implemented as a total solution for reporting and continual improvements.

Cleaning, hygiene/order, building technology, HSE, goods reception, production and IT, have been set as the main categories for structuring the information flow and automatic delegation of cases to the correct case handler. The supplier of the fully automated warehouse, Witron, also forms part of the solution so that service and support at the plant is notified viaAgrippa Improvements.

ASKO central warehouse cold storage facility is an automated warehouse for chilled products. The warehouse covers an area of 22,000 m2. The company will deliver all the chilled products to four ASKO companies in East Norway, and will act as a central warehouse for the rest of the country. The company is located in Vestby, close to both Moss and Ski. When fully operative ASKO central warehouse and cold storage facility expects to have an approximate annual turnover of NOK 12 billion and approximately 150 employees.

Agrippa Improvement is implemented as an integrated part of ASKO SL KJØL daily operations, and is a solid basis for their continuously on-going improvement work.