IMI Warehouse Management System

Optimize your warehouse with a solutions designed for your needs.

IMI Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a cloud solution that you can configure yourself. This makes it easy to adapt to your current and future needs in a quick and simple way.

The solution is designed to handle large volumes, making it possible to operate your warehouse very cost-effectively. IMI WMS is available wherever you are and customized to your business to simplify work processes and reduce inventory costs. 

IMI WMS is a comprehensive system that increases the quality and reduces the cost of your goods flows and will help you to operate more sustainably.

Why choose IMI WMS?

High-quality software

Reduce your inventory costs

Consultants who are experts in warehouse management

We have in-depth knowledge on how to streamline the flow of goods in a warehouse.  

Better delivery quality and control

Our WMS improves delivery quality. If you have an efficient warehouse and a good overview of what you have in stock at any given time, delivery quality will improve on both inbound and outbound flows. IMI WMS makes continuous inventory counting easy and provides real-time data to the order and purchasing system. IMI WMS can be integrated with data from the manufacturer – all the way to the end customer. 

Advanced technology made simple

In order to ensure that a good WMS is efficient and flexible, advanced algorithms are embedded in the system. The trick is to make it easy for the users of the system. A good user experience is one of the cornerstones of our DNA. 

More satisfied customers

In most industries, a high degree of delivery quality, i.e. the right product, the right quality at the right time, is crucial for retaining your customers. A flexible, robust and cost-effective WMS is essential to achieve this goal. 

Safe and fast start-up

IMI has several years of experience in setting up small and large warehouses. We know what it takes to succeed and get the most out of a WMS and its interaction with surrounding systems. 

Who is IMI WMS suitable for?

Our WMS cuts warehouse operating costs and increases delivery quality. IMI WMS’s customers come from different industries, and face different challenges, but the organizations that benefit the most from using IMI WMS meet one or more of the criteria below: 

Dedicated WMS versus your ERP warehouse module

A WMS provides more efficient warehouse operations and better control of what you have in the warehouse and where the goods are located, quickly and cost-effectively. Developing the warehouse module that resides in your ERP system will often involve a higher risk and higher overall cost. A dedicated WMS offers: 

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