Minimal margins? Controlled internal costs for quick improvements

In a daily life with pressed margins at all stages, it is increasingly important that you pay attention to reducing your internal costs.. At all levels, there are small details that contribute to a totalness, but in order to capture deviations and take care of these, there is a need for a system that takes care of the entire process.

A good deviation system should be easy to use for end-users, but it should also provide decision-makers at all levels with a tool for effective decision support.

Agrippa Improve is a tool developed in close collaboration with users in large logistics organizations, and user requirements from all levels are therefore taken care of.

Anyone who detects an error may use an APP for registration, and a registration should not take more than typically 30 seconds, it should preferably go faster. Combining images, movies, text and relevant product information, enables efficient processing.

Deviations are dealt with in Agrippa Improve, and of course it is facilitated by:

  • Automatic assignment to right caseworkers
  • Export opportunity to both pdf. and excel
  • Integrations with existing ERP systems
  • Role and rights-management of relevant functions
  • Own reporting module based on Excel

Agrippa Improve is a cloud-based solution, which means you do not need to install any software on internal servers, but Agrippa Solutions takes care of the storage in Microsoft Azure.

Agrippa Improve is a complete solution for detecting discrepancies, as well as documentation of internal routines and assignment assignments. Costs related to non-conformance management can be summed,and provides a good basis for claims handling against suppliers. Documented internal routines ensures optimal operation at all times.

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