Agrippa Solutions with a collaboration agreement with NHO Reiseliv Purchasing Chain  

Agrippa Solutions has entered into a collaboration agreement with NHO Reiseliv Purchasing Chain to provide digital food safety, temperature control and HSE solution.  

Agrippa’s quality system makes it easy to implement and control the routines related to food safety internal control. The innovative system provides employees with access to various features such as temperature sensors, HSE checklists, and cleaning and janitorial services, all available on mobile devices.  

One of Agrippa’s strengths is the ability to consolidate everything into one system. The solution offers great flexibility and the possibility of integration with multiple systems.  

For our customers, it is important that employees have access to a digital checklist tailored to their specific tasks. The mobile solution allows employees to easily record completed routines and report any deviations. We understand that the Norwegian tourism industry strives for high-quality services to ensure customer satisfaction. Therefore, it is important for all employees to have access to a tool that improves work processes, enhances quality, and enhances the customer experience, says Harald Martin Thiis-Evensen, sales and marketing manager at Agrippa Solutions.  

Agrippa food safety intern control and HSE encompass the following features: 

  • Registration and handling of deviations through the mobile app and web platform 
  • User administration 
  • Group administration 
  • A set of standard processes for HACCP 
  • A set of standard processes for HSE 
  • A set of standard processes for cleaning and janitorial services 
  • Checklists and routines with a calendar 
  • Notification via SMS and/or email 
  • Agrippa Excel plug-in for reporting 
  • Temperature monitoring of freezer and cooling units 

About NHO Reiseliv Innkjøpskjeden  

Members enjoy favorable purchasing conditions on everything businesses need. The purchasing chain is owned by its members, and the profits are reinvested through an attractive bonus program for the members.  

As a member of NHO/NHO Reiseliv, joining the Purchasing Chain incurs no extra costs. Approximately 2,200 out of NHO Reiseliv’s 3,500 members are affiliated with the purchasing collaboration. Additionally, we have around 1,000 members from other associations within the NHO community, such as NHO Service and Trade, NHO Food and Drink, Abelia, Norsk Industri, and NHO Sports.