Efektywne magazynowanie w Varner's dzięki Agrippa Improvements

The Varner Group’s automatic distribution centre in Vänersborg, uses Agrippa Improvement for continual improvements of the whole warehouse. The solution is capable of managing non-conformance, incidents and suggestions for improvement for all the work processes at the warehouse.

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This is connected to its own management system and also to external suppliers of warehouse materials and systems- This means that when notifications of improvements are received for any individual areaAgrippa Improvements automatically delegates the case to the right individual – internally or externally.

Varner also uses Agrippa Analytics to full scale. This provides a good overview of measures that can be implemented for improvements and streamlining of processes.

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Non-conformance is negative People are fed up with talking about what is negative, and at the end there is a tendency to sweep it under the carpet. People want to be praised, demonstrate that they are on top of their work and contribute to improve the workplace – they don’t want to talk about the fact that things go up and down and that the work place is messy. This is why the Agrippa systems are a fabulous tool for continual improvements at Varner. The warehouse is a pleasant place to be in and the focus is on a stable operation. By making reporting easily accessible for everyone, we have noticed a huge change in the types and number of issues that arise. Everyone wants to improve themselves, and given such a simple tool everyone contributes to the work of improvement – continually!

Olav Fyldeng
The Varner Group’s