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Food safety & IK-mat (IC-food) system

Agrippa Food Safety makes it easy to implement and control the routines for internal control (IK-mat). Our temperature sensors monitor the temperature of your refrigeration and freezing units around the clock and alert you if the temperature gets too high.

Customers appreciate our solution as it reduces food waste. Too high temperature due to equipment malfunction or human error, such as doors not being closed properly or refrigeration units being accidentally turned off increases food waste. Monitoring temperatures continuously, and not just at one specific time each day, ensures the correct temperature both day and night.  Everything is accessible from a PC or through Agrippa’s own mobile app.

Food safety & HACCP

Food safety involves the handling, preparation and storage of food to avoid foodborne illnesses. All businesses that sell, produce, transport, manufacture or store foodstuffs must be able to document how this is done in a responsible, safe and health-related manner. 

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) must ensure that all health hazards posing a risk to food safety are known, prevented, eliminated or reduced to an acceptable level. 

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Temperature sensors

We deliver quality temperature monitoring solutions to hotels, restaurants and others requiring temperature monitoring. 

IK-mat (IC-food) app

This module is offered along with the temperature sensors.                                  


When using a mobile phone or tablet, you can easily attach a photo or video as documentation of the work performed. 

Food waste

Save money and the environment by using Agrippa Food Waste.  

Record the amount you throw away and calculate the cost. Easy access to all the statistics you want. The system can be adapted to individual needs. Full cost overview. Image functions can be used for documentation. 

Agrippa Matsvinn helps you optimise your use of resources. This includes: 

What is unique about Agrippa Food Safety is the opportunity to measure waste based on purchases made through Millum or your own purchasing systems.

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