Run an efficient inbound process with IMI Warehouse Management System and achieve 100% control.

The inbound features in IMI WMS will help you to manage inbound operations more efficiently and effectively, leading to improved inventory accuracy, faster issuing and claims handling.

Some of the key inbound features you get with IMI WMS are: 

Inbound Logistics Info

IMI WMS receives purchase orders and advanced shipping notices (ASNs) from your suppliers and streamlines and captures all receiving activities in the system. This allows the warehouse team to easily track incoming goods and ensure that they are received correctly. 


Our system can direct warehouse staff to put away incoming goods in the most appropriate locations within the warehouse based on factors such as product characteristics, inventory levels, and customer demand. This ensures that inventory is stored optimally and is easy to locate when needed

Quality control

IMI‘s issue and claims module makes it easier to prompt warehouse staff to inspect incoming goods for damage, accuracy and other issues. Claims to suppliers and corrections in the WMS are updated automatically. This helps to ensure that only high-quality products are added to the inventory and reduces the risk of customer complaints or returns.


IMI WMS supports cross-docking processes by identifying incoming goods that can be directly shipped out to customers without being stored in the warehouse. This helps to streamline the inbound process and reduce the time it takes to get products into the hands of customers.


Integration with external partners to plan efficient production. 

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