Get efficient return handling with IMI.  

IMI return processes is an efficient tool that enables organizations to effectively manage the entire returns process, from return authorization to product disposition.

It provides real-time visibility into inventory levels, enables accurate reporting, and streamlines the returns process, improving customer satisfaction and reducing return costs.

The returns feature includes the following key capabilities: 

Return notification

We support return order and return ASN handling to enable fast processing of returned goods.

Receiving returns

The WMS returns feature provides real-time visibility into inventory levels, enabling users to quickly update the inventory balance as products are received and processed for return.

Inspection and validation

The WMS returns feature enables users to inspect and validate the returned products to ensure they are in good condition and can be restocked or processed for resale. If there is deviation on the returned product, your operators can easily handle it due to given procedures.

Vendor returns

Full support of pick, pack and ship for returning goods to suppliers. 

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