Agrippa Improvements for deviations and claims management

Next generation quality management system

Our Agrippa Improvements Mobile App is available here:

Our solutions improve the management of any non-conformities in warehouses, transport and stores.

Damaged goods

Out of stock

Missing goods

Delayed Delivery

Receiving wrong

Missing order

HSE Deviations

Invalid data

Agrippa Improvements is a configurable and flexible system handling the deviation types provided by the users in their different roles.

Agrippa Improvements is an in-demand quality system for large logistic chains. Our system provides easy, automated, and responsive software to operate your warehouse safely and efficiently. Our solution can integrate with any OMS and WMS system to secure data quality and easy handling.

The last quality management system you will ever buy.

Agrippa’s cloud service gives all our customers continuous access to new features. The solution is designed to be scaled and adapted to match customer needs. No matter where you work, it works – always up-to-date.

Agrippa Improvements Features

Easy to use

All you need for deviation handling and related functionality in one, single app.

What can you do with Agrippa?

Simplify registration and handling of deviations with your phone. Register issues and perform checklists, everything with good documentation.

Integrated to your WMS

Agrippa Improvements it´s easy to integrate with existing WMS. Relevant data is exchanged and helps the operator to fill inn correct information on the issue. Use of the phone´s integrated scanner and camera provides exact information.

Scan every barcode

With a single scan, you can access the price, expiry date, and stock levels of a certain product. Our advanced scanner reads any barcode and QR-code, even in bad light.

You are in good company