Agrippa Solutions jest teraz częścią szwedzkiej firmy IMI 

Agrippa Solutions gains power to launch their applications worldwide, and help even more organizations to improve their supply chains.  

Agrippa Solutions and IMI will make a great team, where Agrippa becomes an independent subsidiary. It is first and foremost Agrippa’s application for non-conformance management and continuous improvement in logistics organizations that has contributed to Agrippa’s success. In addition, we will further develop the retail and food safety business, where we have experienced a significant market growth.  
Companies that already use Agrippa Solutions applications are: ASKO, Rema 1000, Haugen Gruppen Nordic, Plantasjen, Elektroskandia, Europris, Nordic Choice Hotels, Color Line and SATS.  
You can find a full press release by following the link here.