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Issue Registration



Issue Registration

Registration done in seconds! 

Functional principle

Fast and precise registration 

of deviations

Register deviations and issues with your mobile. Predefined categories, procedures and tasks ensure correct and fast registration – done in seconds. Agrippa Improvements is a configurable and flexible system handling the deviation types you define. Examples of deviation types that our customers register is: 

Done in seconds

When issues occur, the operator takes a picture or video with their smartphone, scan GTIN, GS1-128 label or QR-code. Thanks to integrations, all information on goods or item will be filled out automatically with information from ERP, WMS and TMS. The operator fills out comments that are needed and press “Send”. The rest of the process is managed by the predefined responsible person.

Let visitor register issues

Registration of issues can also be done by visitors at your facilities without Agrippa Improvements app. When visitors scan QR-codes attached on facility assets, it will give them access to register deviations in your organization

Swap hand terminal with your smartphone

All operations that are done with your hand terminal, can be done with Agrippa Improvement on your smartphone. Agrippa’s professional scanner software scan multiple barcodes, fast and even in bad light. This means in bound goods registration and deviations can be done with one software - operator’s smartphone.

Experience fast, easy and automated issue management - join Agrippa Improvements.

Agrippa Improvements effective and advanced issue management system have saved thousands of work hours and increased the value of our customer’s logistic system. Use our unique continuous improvement software and move your operations to a new level.