Total control at Haugen Group with Agrippa Improvements

The Haugen-Group use Agrippa Improvements in conjunction with all incoming logistics. Incidents connected to reception of goods, transport damage, faults in load carriers, etc. are reported and form important contributions to the improvement work.

The system is linked to the internal ERP system, so that information such as goods, supplier, transporter etc. is automatically linked to the non-conformance reports. Thus resulting in providing the people responsible at the Haugen Group with well documented and easily read reports they can work with.

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Solution is simple and ingenious. It saves our warehouse workers a lot of time by reporting errors and incidents, including documenting the additional work involved in reloading and other extra work. We notice that the time to process claims for suppliers and transporters has reduced significantly, because Agrippa Improvements is easy to use and ensures well documented non-conformance reports.

Andreas Klamroth